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“Texas Utility Studies, Inc. informs their customers about utility tax exemptions to ensure the most prompt and professional service possible.

Our Company — Specializing in Predominant Use Studies

Texas Utility Studies, Inc. has over sixteen years of experience performing predominant use studies for Texas firms. There are countless companies in the State of Texas and a number of other States that we serve where a predominant use study can eliminate or reduce energy taxes. Our sales consultants have a minimum of ten years of practice in this field. Our degreed personnel have decades of familiarity in industrial and management positions, and have a full understanding of the importance of our responsibilities to both our clients and the State of Texas.

Our mission is to ensure that your Predominant Use Study is performed properly and that our clients are in compliance with the regulations of the State of Texas.

Rest Secure with our Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff

Unlike some other companies that provide predominant use studies in Texas, Texas Utility Studies, Inc has well informed personnel available to address any questions that may arise from a Texas State auditor questioning the validity of the study. The presentation of our predominant use studies is clear, concise and written in an easy manner that can be understood by all.

Our friendly and helpful personnel work in conjunction with clients and Texas State auditors to obtain the appropriate refund approval with our predominant use study as documentation. We have extensive experience with this process in multiple industries.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your company. Texas Utility Studies, Inc operates in a cost effective manner, which

allows us to remain competitive while offering a detailed, well documented predominant use study that meets the requirements of the State Comptroller’s office.

We respect the privacy of all of our clients and operate in the strictest of confidence. Our fully insured personnel understand our customers’ needs to be comfortable with who is allowed inside their facility and always comply with policies and safety regulations. Furthermore, they are admitted to secure government contractors’ facilities that practice extensive background screening.

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