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Texas Utility Studies

Use Studies You Can Trust — No longer pay utility sales tax!

Texas Utility Studies, Inc. is a Texas state registered utility tax exemptions engineering firm that performs predominant use studies.

Located in Kingwood, Texas, we have performed thousands of predominant use studies and have saved our clients millions of dollars in energy and utility tax.

Trained and educated personnel with expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and manufacturing of industrial and commercial products ensure that our customers receive the highest degree of professionalism and service.

Our personnel are knowledgeable and experienced at preparing the necessary predominant use study documents required by the State of Texas. We work on your behalf to successfully obtain any utility taxes due to be re-compensated to your firm from utility companies or from the State of Texas.

Not only is our staff extremely qualified, but our location to most major commercial areas in the State of Texas allows us to provide cost effective services to our clients.

Our process of predominant use studies is to send one of our trained, experienced personnel to examine the consumption of electricity at each manufacturing location. A certified report is completed by an engineer when the amount of energy being used for an exempt service is determined as over 50% of the electricity usage for each meter.. The report is based on predominant use of manufacturing electricity or natural gas. If the company is exempt from the energy taxes the refunding procedures are commenced. Click here to see if your company qualifies for utility tax exemptions.

We perform the predominant use study as Texas law requires and our state licensed engineer certifies the necessary documents in compliance with rule 3.295. Once an exemption is granted you will no longer be charged tax on this part of your monthly business cost.